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We recognize that profits are essential in creating capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security. However, creating a successful business and fostering a respectful workplace where everyone is valued are not mutually exclusive goals. We empower our employees and appreciate collaborative, open communication. We take a personal interest in those who work for us, and encourage personal development outside the office. Our values are exemplified by the range of employee benefits we offer:

  • Life Balance and Vacation Benefits
    • Flexible work schedules - we allow flexible work hours between 6am - 5pm*
    • Retirement transition program - employees over the age of 60 are eligible for an adapted work schedule
    • Flex days - we offer six days per year (½ day per month) paid time off to use when employees want or need extra time*
    • Festivus - all staff get paid time off between Christmas and New Year's
    • Vacation time - employees receive 2 weeks vacation when they start, 3 weeks after the third year, and 4 weeks after the fifth year
  • Health Benefits
    • Extended healthcare
    • Dental
    • Life and accident insurance
    • Short and long term disability
    • Critical illness insurance
  • RRSP Matching Program
    • After six months of service, full-time employees are eligible to receive up to 3% of their salary in matching RRSP contributions
    • After ten years of service, full-time employees are eligible to receive up to 5% of their salary in matching RRSP contributions
  • Performance Bonuses
    • Annual and quarterly bonuses
  • Community Service Days
    • Three days per year, paid time off for employees who volunteer in the community
  • Environmental Incentives
    • Cycle or walk to work - $120/month
    • Take public transportation to work - $70/month
    • Carpool to work - $40/month
    • Purchase 50% or more organic groceries - $75/month
    • Employee environmental improvement - $200 annually to make environmental improvements in their household (i.e. double-glazed windows, high efficiency furnace or hot water heater, solar panels, low-flow toilets, fuel efficient hybrid or diesel vehicle, etc.)
    • Bicycle purchase - $100 every three years towards the purchase of a new bicycle
    • Car Co-op membership - $200 for employees who sell their cars and enroll in a car sharing arrangement
    • Employee suggested company environmental initiatives - $50 each
  • Training and Professional Development - up to $500 annually per employee
  • Purchase Discounts and Samples - employees receive free samples and product discounts
  • Massage - complimentary on-site monthly massage
  • Weekly group circuit training/boot camp in our on-site gym
  • Healthy organic breakfast program including an assortment of: fruit, granola, yogurt, milk, soy milk, almond milk, hot chocolate, coffee and tea
  • Fully-equipped kitchen and lunchroom 
  • On-site games area, gym, shower facilities and secure bike storage
  • Sustainability Library - books and videos about sustainability are available to all staff
  • NHL Hockey Tickets - all staff are eligible to win a pair of Vancouver Canucks hockey tickets
  • Company Sponsored Social Activities:
    • Summer and winter holiday parties
    • Themed group lunches
    • Birthday and anniversary celebrations
    • Summer Friday BBQs
    • Group excursions such as snowshoeing, zip lining and hiking
  • Fragrance-free work environment - to improve indoor air quality and the health of our employees
  • Staff Communication
    • Bi-weekly staff meetings where all aspects of the company are reviewed and shared
    • Open book policy with respect to financial and operational performance
  • Employee Feedback Mechanisms
    • 360° review process - allows employees a confidential forum to provide feedback to their managers
    • Leadership values accountability - managers are held accountable to ten corporate leadership values that the staff have selected
    • Annual employee engagement survey - designed to benchmark and measure employee satisfaction and level of engagement

Employees having fun

* for salaried, full time employees. 


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