It takes a great deal of time and commitment to attain any one of these certifications. Each one proves that a high standard has been met and we are proud to have acquired them all.

Certified Climate Smart Company 

Left Coast Naturals is a certified Climate Smart company. Climate Smart is a social enterprise dedicated to “empowering organizations to reduce emissions, strengthen their businesses, and build a resilient economy.” We have undergone training, a greenhouse gas inventory, and have completed a reduction strategy to measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are committed to additional initiatives and continue to work with Climate Smart to challenge ourselves to improve.

Learn more about Climate Smart.

Certified B Corp Company

Benefit Corporations are businesses based on a new economic model: one that asks, “How do we use business as a tool for social change?”

Being a B Corp means our success is measured not just with respect to dollars and cents, but also against a stringent set of standards covering our corporate governance and reporting, how we treat our employees and our community, and our environmental practices. This philosophy can make for some hard choices, but we feel it defines the type of business we are.

Learn more about the B Corp vision

Certified Gluten-Free Products

You can easily recognize our gluten-free products by looking for the Certified Gluten-Free logo.

Products with this symbol have been tested and certified by an independent, third-party organization with strict scientific verification standards.

We are inspected annually to ensure that each ingredient in the final product, as well as the processing equipment, are gluten-free. All products with this logo contain less than 10ppm gluten.

Learn more about gluten-free certification.

ertified organic manufacturer and distributor

Left Coast Naturals has been an organic manufacturer and distributor since 2000. All of our products bearing the “Canada Organic” logo are certified by an independent third-party organization (Pro-Cert Organic). This is done through an on-site inspection and documentation of how we handle and process ingredients, including packaging and labeling.

Learn more about Canada Organic Certification and what it means.

Left Coast Naturals has been named one of Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers. This competition recognizes small and medium enterprises that lead the nation in creating exceptional workplaces with forward-thinking human resource policies.

Learn more about why we were chosen.


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