Why Use Left Coast Naturals as your Bulk Foods Supplier?

Extensive Product Portfolio

As Canada’s leading organic bulk foods supplier, providing consistent, high quality food is our top priority. We offer an extensive portfolio of nearly 200 bulk commodities and are constantly adding new items to meet consumers’ ever evolving needs, including hard to find specialty items and manufactured custom blends. Our bulk foods are also available in convenient, pre-packaged, compostable PLA containers.

Direct from the Source

We buy directly from farmers and processors so that you receive consistent, quality food at the best possible price. Our established relationships with suppliers allow us to contract yearly supply and place pre-scheduled orders. This prevents out-of-stocks, guarantees consistent pricing, and gives us priority in the event of a crop failure or product shortage.

Product Quality

We rigorously audit each of our suppliers and shipments to ensure they meet our standards for product quality, positive impact on the community, and care for the environment. We buy top quality grade AA foods, from GMP and HACCP certified plants. Because we use the same materials in our own manufactured products, we frequently test our foods to ensure they are at peak quality. And when possible, we source locally and regionally. When you buy from Left Coast Naturals, you can be sure that you are receiving the best foods possible.

Value Added Programs

Because we are an independent, locally owned business, personalized service is the way we do things. We value getting to know you and your needs, and exploring how we can work together to grow your business. We follow the motto of “treating people the way we want to be treated.” If we say we will do something then we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Our sales staff are always available to help you with:

  • Placing orders
  • Monitoring your inventories
  • Developing planograms
  • Setting up your bulk bins
  • Offering category management
  • Providing advertising materials
  • Arranging promotional activity
  • Supplying competitive market insights
  • Sharing crop and commodity updates

QR Code Advantage

We’ve developed QR Scan Codes for each of our bulk food items. With the aid of a smart phone, your customers can access valuable product information such as:

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Country of Origin
  • Product Certifications
  • Recipes
  • Factoids
  • Information about the Farm and Farmer
To learn more about our products and services or to receive a complete catalogue contact Teddie at 604-879-9100 ext. 201, or
Organic Bulk Foods

Organic Bulk Foods

We believe in partnering with retailers to select, set up, manage, and promote their bulk food sections. We carry close to 200 organic and natural bulk food items - all are non-GMO. We've dug deep to get to know our food and our farmers. Recipes, cooking instructions, nutritional info, country of origin, facts and farmer stories all can be found here.

  • baking supplies
  • beans
  • candy
  • cereals  
  • dried fruit
  • flours
  • grains
  • nuts
  • rice
  • seeds
  • snacks
  • trail mixes

If you would like to find out more about our products and services, contact us for a complete product catalogue.

Are you a consumer? Get recipes, tips and nutritional info Are you a retailer? Learn more about our bulk foods and value added programs.


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