Why we didn’t make a huge deal of Earth Day #HOLDMETOIT

Posted on 05/01/2015 by Johanna

This. This this this.


“So don’t spend this Earth Day buying biodegradable balloons. Instead, climb the corporate ladder and use your perch to twist politicians’ arms. Make a billion dollars and donate it to candidates who actually want to fight climate change. Marry a venture capitalist and threaten to leave if he doesn’t divest from Big Oil. Become a lobbyist if you have to. Become president if you have to. There are things you can do to effect change in the world, but your Earth Day tote isn’t one of them.”

This is a great article from Grist by Katie Herzog. Check it out. Vote with your dollar. Climb the corporate ladder and twist some arms. Use business as a force for good. #HOLDMETOIT



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