Why I Ride My Bike To Work

Posted on 05/08/2015 by Left Coast

By  Terri Field: Sales Assistant at Left Coast Naturals, cyclist, runner, and good beer aficionado.

I LOVE BIKING. I bike to work. I bike on vacations. I bike to run errands. To be honest I’m a “weather permitting” kind of cyclist.  But from spring right until conditions get icy at the end of fall I make the most of my cycling time.

Starting right

There’s nothing like starting the day off on my bike. It wakes me up and I feel energized and clear-headed. My favourite part of biking to work is taking in the view along my route. I see the mist rising off the creek, herons and other wildlife. It beats bumper to bumper traffic, hands down!

Being present

It helps you to take in the moment. Rather than rushing by in a car I have time to experience my environment—things like how the plants and trees change through the seasons and how the air smells so fresh after it rains. And by taking the time to explore my neighbourhood I’ve found some neat little shops, funky houses, and hidden parks that I might’ve missed.

 Still Creek April 2014 CROPPED (1)

Enjoying community

There’s an awesome sense of community among cyclists – people are so friendly! It’s common to exchange waves, smiles and greetings which just doesn’t seem to happen when you’re driving.


After work I use the ride home to let loose after sitting at my desk all day. And I’m not going to lie – it’s pretty fun to pass all the cars stuck in rush hour traffic!

Making it happen

Biking to work also has some obvious health and environmental benefits. But there can also be practical barriers to getting started. People don’t want to show up to the office drenched in sweat, they might not have extra money to spend on a bike or gear, or they don’t have a place to store their bike at work.

That’s why I feel lucky I’m part of a company that encourages employees to ride to work. Left Coast offers bonuses for people who bike to work, a shower facility, bike storage and even helps to pay for bike purchases. By offering these incentives I feel the company is showing a commitment to helping employees to be healthy, both mentally and physically, and to be better to the planet.

With the increasing biking infrastructure around the Lower Mainland, and our usually mild, bike-friendly weather, it would be great to see more companies embracing the benefits of biking to work and making it the new norm.

And hey, if you’re still on the fence you can always try cycling with HUB Bike to Work Week. See you on the bike paths!

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  1. Suzanne Crawford

    Congratulations on your blog, Terri. Very inspiring!

  2. Earl

    Keep those wheels turning Terri!

    1. Left Coast

      Thanks, Earl!

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