What’s a “Garden Chip” Anyway?

Posted on 11/06/2015 by Left Coast

Potato Chips. Tortilla Chips. Garden Chips? 

Hippie Garden Chips (a.k.a an entire salad in a bag) to be exact.

Inspired by the idea that chips can be satisfyingly crunchy, savoury AND packed with nutrients is why we decided to think outside of the potato chip bag. Instead we slice fresh organic vegetables and toss them in a flavourful dressing with nutrient-dense seeds and nuts. To preserve the unique flavour and nutrient profiles of the vegetables, we skip the frying and baking and carefully dehydrate the chips until they are perfectly crisped.

As we could no sooner pick a favourite veggie than child, we made 3 unique types of Garden Chips that each feature a different flavour theme. Best of all they’re organic, vegan, Non-GMO Project verified, raw and gluten free.

Roots Medley

Sweet, hearty and savoury all at once, this blend pays homage to beautiful root vegetables like sweet potatoes and beets.


Snacking Stir Fry

Nope. Still not fried. This veggie combo brings together vegetables you’d toss in a stir fry – like kale, carrots, zucchini and red cabbage – and is seasoned in an umami tamari dressing.


Crunchy Coleslaw

Tart granny smith apples, crunchy carrots and cabbage in an apple cider vinegar dressing make this the ideal side or snack.


Still not too sure what a Hippie Garden Chip is? Hannah will break it down for you, answering the top 3 questions we get asked about them. Enjoy!


  1. Lynn Forcier

    They look and sound delicious! Do you sell them in Vermont?

    1. Left Coast

      Hi Lynn! At the moment we’re just in Canada but are planning on branching out. Stay tuned.

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