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Posted on 02/19/2016 by Left Coast

Want to know what really happens behind the scenes of an organic food business? With 20 years of experience under our belts, seeing the foodscape evolve, our founder Ian talks food trends, pressing food and sustainability issues, and what we’ve learned from our failures and successes trying to make food by a higher standard.

Watch, comment, and send us topics you’re interested in. Enjoy! There will be more videos on our Left Coast Naturals YouTube Channel to come.


Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m Ian Walker. I’m the founder of Left Coast Naturals. We’re an organic food manufacturer and distributor based here in BC. I’ve been in the organic food business now for over 20 years.

Some of the topics that we’re going to cover in the VLOG will be things like issues that really matter to people around organic food and sustainable food economy.

So there are things like increasing price of organic food costs. That’s a big issue people struggle with and we’re glad to talk about it.

Other things like food security, food waste, and I think you’d really be surprised by our take on some of these issues.  Especially around things like factory farms and the consolidation in the industry. You’re seeing a lot of the big corporate businesses buy into the organic food industry buying up small businesses. Is that a bad thing? Is it a good thing? Those are discussions we want to have with all of you.

Around that we also take a really different perspective when we approach developing, and sourcing, and starting new food products and we want to share that with you and talk about that.

So what are some of the successes that came from them, how do we do that, what are some are some of the flops? You know, we’re probably going to have egg on our face and be glad to share some of the mistakes we made. But I think with that comes some learning and a couple good laughs. So let’s see what happens.

Please watch our vlog. Cause basically otherwise I’m just some idiot talking into a camera. And I don’t really want to be that guy.  So be part of it. Comment, pass it along, tell us what you want us to talk about. We’re glad. We want to have fun with this and contribute with you.  

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