We Supported Hungry Minds & Appetites at TED 2018

Posted on 04/17/2018 by Left Coast

TED 2018: The Age of Amazement

Vancouver has been the home base of the “Ideas worth spreading” TED conference since 2014. But we’ve long loved the insight and entertainment these talks have brought us for much longer. Case in point, when Amy Cuddy’s talk about body language was launched, who didn’t start practicing power posing in the washroom before big presentations?

Ideas (and Snacks) Worth Spreading

This year, we had the opportunity to provide healthy treats to all the speakers and attendees at TED2018 in Vancouver: The Age of Amazement. For a quick burst of energy, we shipped them our latest Organic Sesame Snack. Here’s a moment captured of someone about to grab a (Hippie) snack!

Most TED Talked About

According to techie website RECODE.com, this Jaron Lanier’s “How we need to remake the Internet” was one of the most talked about talks at the conference. Jaron says in his talk, “I can’t call these things social networks anymore. I call them behavior modification empires.” Do you agree? Watch the full talk.

Crossing Borders

Another talk we noticed that’s highly relevant to our Canadian politics right now is one titled, “What’s missing in the global debate over refugees.” Check out journalist Yasin Kakande’s talk here.

Congrats to the TED team for organizing another year of enlightening talks!

Photography provided by TED (Brice Ferré Studio)

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