Sustainability – We Haven’t Arrived

Posted on 12/02/2014 by Left Coast

For us, sustainability is a never-ending process. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to improve and asking others to keep us accountable knowing that there’s still work to be done.

In the beginning the business started with two friends who wanted to make a difference by creating healthy, clean products that didn’t compromise the planet. But as our business grew we began to see just how far our reach could be – we had the potential to positively benefit not just the environment but our employees, community and industry. Instead of just looking within our own walls we had our entire supply chain assessed to see how we could make an even greater impact. Then we took things a step further by becoming a certified B-Corp (Benefit Corporation), partnering with other companies to use business as a force for good in society. And today our challenge as the first distributor in North America with an official Non-GMO Policy is to meet our deadlines to have all of our product be non-GMO by December 2015.

Over time we’ve realized there’s no shame in revisiting the drawing board now and then. In fact it helps us to dream big, stay motivated and move forward. We encourage others to do the same. Or, if you need some ideas, have a look at how our sustainability vision has evolved:






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