Sesame Snacks Featured in Canadian Grocer Magazine

Posted on 06/05/2018 by Left Coast

We’ll make this one short and sweet: Our Hippie Snacks Sesame Snacks are featured in the May issue of Canadian Grocer!

Here’s what the editors had to say in their Vegan Snack Attack piece: “Hippie Snacks—a B.C. based brand that’s found success with snack lines like Coconut Clusters, Veggie Clusters and Grain-free Granola—has now launched a new Organic Sesame Snack. Boasting significantly less sugar than other similar snacks on the market, Hippie Snacks’ version is made with crunchy white and black organic sesame seeds and is sweetened with coconut sugar.”

Click here to read the full issue of Canadian Grocer.

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