Posted on 08/29/2014 by Rachel
Photo courtesy of Kevin Ma and Pakpong Chirarattananon

Robo insects. 3D printed meals. Space veggies. Test tube meats.

These sound more like the bizarre makings of a Dr. Who episode rather than food projects currently on scientists’ plates. But as our world is increasingly mediated by technology, our food seems to be along for the ride, as well.

Here are some of the up and coming food tech trends taking cuisine where no man has gone before. What do you think of these innovations?


3D Printed Food

It seems as if we’ve gone 3D printer crazy, printing anything from houses to clothing…just because we can. The culinary world is no exception, with innovators printing everything from pizza to chocolate.


Courtesy Choc Edge



Edible Packaging

With the ever-present problem of waste created from food packaging, scientists and designers are trying to develop plastic-free packaging solutions. The concept behind projects like WikiPearl is to eat rather than throw away the food’s protective coating. The edible, biodegradable skin keeps food in and contaminants out.


Courtesy The Packaging Insider




Want food that’s so local that it grows in own your living room? Aquaponic systems grow plants and fish in a re-circulating system where fish waste fertilizes plants, plants filter the fishes’ water, and voila—fresh herbs and vegetables for dinner!

Courtesy Aqualibrium


Robotic Bees

As Colony Collapse Disorder continues to plague bee populations, causing bees to disappear and costing billions of dollars in crop losses, governments are desperate to find alternative pollination methods. Read more about honey bee 2.0 here.


Photo courtesy of Kevin Ma and Pakpong Chirarattananon

Courtesy of Kevin Ma and Pakpong Chirarattananon


Food Hackathons

Okay. So this isn’t an invention per se but is the coming together of tech minds—along with chefs, food innovators, designers and entrepreneurs— to develop software and applications that address issues in our food system. Even big names like National Geographic are trying this new, collaborative approach to food.


What are your thoughts on the latest food tech?

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