Elementary School Kids Learn to Make Sesame Snacks!

Posted on 05/01/2018 by Left Coast

Left Coast Naturals is all about being environmentally friendly, transparent, and leading important conversations about food. So that’s why when a North Vancouver elementary school group requested a tour, we were more than glad to show the kids around, and have em try their hand at making Sesame Snacks!

All Things Considered

The day started off with president Ian Walker presenting on what to consider when you buy or eat foods. In addition to taste, nutritional value, ingredients, Ian also brought up nutrient density, how local, claims, sustainability, company values, and how the food is grown were important things to consider. Of course, these kids already knew of many considerations that are good for people and the planet!

Environmental Footprint

  • How food is grown
  • Carbon footprint (ie inputs vs output of plants vs meat)
  • Pollution
  • Social

Social Impacts

  • How are staff treated?
  • How does company contribute to community?
  • How are stakeholders (neighbours/suppliers/customers) treated?


DIY Sesame Snacks

After a good sit-down discussion came the fun part: a behind-the-scenes tour of our factories! The kids were excited to gear up, including wearing official LCN production uniforms and hair nets and gloves for proper health & safety. Then they tried their hand at making our latest product, the Organic Sesame Snack. What’s interesting about making the Sesame Snack in particular is that because we don’t use regular sugar, we can’t make them in the usual brittle recipe way. So the class experienced cutting, passing, rolling, and watching the unformed Sesame Snacks go up a tall conveyor belt.

Be the Change

We’re so proud of these elementary school kids who learned about sustainable business and asking mindful questions as consumers. Change starts with awareness and having open dialogues. To keep the dialogue running, we ask: What kind of conversations will you start with the people around you today?


  1. Deanna

    This is the way to initiate a life long interest in health, wellness and nutrition. Where our food comes from and how it is made should be taught in school. Well done Left Coast.

    1. Left Coast

      Thank you Deanna! Ian treated the kids like adults, engaging them about the same things he would at a presentation.

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