New Product Alert: Organic Sesame Snack

Posted on 01/16/2018 by Left Coast

We’re so excited to announce a brand new product to the Hippie Snacks family: Organic Sesame Snack!

Sesame Snap Bars Get a Hippie Makeover

Yes, that ubiquitous childhood snack you found at every corner store. The big difference is that we’ve made it better-for-you, with our own Hippie twist. “How exactly different,” you ask? For starters, Sesame Snack is made from black and white sesame seeds. Sure, black and white makes for a stylish look, but the black sesame seeds actually provide calcium and fibre—2g of fibre, compared to zero in the leading brand.

It also contains 35% less sugar than said leading brand. Plus it’s not just the amount of sugar, it’s the type of sugar that makes the difference. Instead of straight up white sugar, we use coconut sugar to sweeten each bar. All of this, plus a hint of Himalayan crystal salt, and you’ve got yourself a tasty and nutrient-packed snack. For full nutritional information, click here.

Classic Product, New Healthy Taste

We recently debuted these conveniently-packed organic snacks at a specialty food expo and the response was astounding: people thought they tasted a lot lighter, less sticky, and a lot less sweet than what they were used to in a sesame snack bar. Oh, and what’s great about this healthy organic snack is that it’s priced at just under $1.

Quick Bites for Snack Attacks

“The sesame snap is a classic snack from our childhood,” says Ian Walker, President and Founder of Left Coast Naturals, Hippie Snacks’ parent company. “We knew there was room for improvement in terms of nutrition, so we gave the snaps our special Hippie twist, managing to reduce the sugar found in the leading brand by 35 per cent.”

Whether you feel a snack attack coming on post-yoga, packing your kids’ lunches, or on your way to a business meeting, our new Sesame Snack is the perfect energy boost.

Find the new Organic Sesame Snack at retailers and natural food grocers in Western Canada.

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