Meet Teddie – Left Coast’s Inside Sales Manager

Posted on 11/28/2017 by Left Coast

Our Inside Sales Manager, Teddie Lynn Edmundson, comes from Advantage Solutions where she has extensive experience in managing sales teams (both inside and sales). In her capacity as an ISM, she has a direct responsibility in managing the Customer Service Department.

There are lots of interesting facts about Teddie, for example, she sleep walks and makes sandwiches often. We delve into a few of her quirky interests and stories:

1. How did you get the name Teddie?

My father wanted to name my older sister Lisa, my mom wanted Violet… Mom won, her name is Violet but my father said if they have another girl he gets his way, she agreed. I came along 7 years later, my father had my mom sign certificate he filled out sent in. Came back to my mom’s surprise he’d named me after himself (Ted) and told her she shouldn’t have messed with him 7 years prior. Apparently they didn’t speak for 3 months and my mom tried numerous times to change it with no luck. So here I am. Teddie

2. What’s your favourite part about working at Left Coast?

I love working with the people at Left Coast. We are more like a family than coworkers. We genuinely care for one another and are all working towards the same goals to reach success.

3. One of your hobbies is reading medical journals – how did you become interested in such a niche topic?!

When I was a young girl growing up, my surrogate Mother, who is a psychiatric nurse, read to me from her medical journals. I never knew “Green Eggs and Ham,” but I could name all the bones in the human anatomy.


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