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Posted on 03/07/2018 by Left Coast

Scott Sulz, Left Coast’s National Sales Manager, has worked in natural food industry for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience as a sales professional and manager within the natural food industry at several companies including Lifestyle Markets, Wild West Distributors, UNFI and most recently with Canadian Choice Wholesale.

Scott’s a friendly guy who loves traveling. In recent years, he and his family have been to Western USA, Western Canada, Whistler, and keep reading to learn about his Barcelona trip:

What’s your journey in the natural food industry been like?

“Since 1999 I’ve been in the natural food industry primarily in Canada. I grew from Vancouver Island to the Gulf Islands to Vancouver to BC to Western Canada to national. So now it’s nice to be working for a company that’s all about non-GMO, organic, and West Coast, because that’s where I’m rooted in.”

What surprised you when you started working at Left Coast?

I love how organized and detail oriented Left Coast is. You think about culture, bulk food, and its great reputation but I had no idea how sophisticated the back-end of the sales team is. There are a lot of tools available. I liken it to a great restaurant: the food is top notch, everybody knows how to cook the food—they just need someone to work the front end with them. Everything is laid out in a beautiful fashion. It’s a great time to come in as a sales leader.

Tell us about your kids!

My stepdaughter is very musical: she plays and performs piano, ukulele, and guitar. My son, who just turned four, sings all the time. He loves cars, firetrucks and going to the beach. I have no talent at all when it comes to singing, so it’s very humbling! It’s cool to see my kids excel at things that I’m not good at, and I don’t ever anticipate being good at.

What was your experience in Barcelona like?

Every day was an experiment in food. We might have a little bit of food in our flat, but other than that we took off! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we’d just walk and explore. The city is so old, has cobblestone streets, and takes so many twists and turns that we’d get lost every day and  try to find our way back.

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  1. Doug

    Hey Scott,
    Congratulations on the new job, can’t think of anyone better qualified! Nice pics…

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