Meet Lily – Left Coast’s Brand Manager

Posted on 10/14/2016 by Left Coast

Enthusiastic, friendly and always on trend, meet Lily. Coming to us with over a decade of experience in brand management, marketing and customer service, we can’t wait to see the new heights she’ll take our distributed brands to. Here’s more about Lily and what she’ll be doing at Left Coast:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I love all things food related but I’m actually not the best cook! But that doesn’t stop me from constantly trying out new recipes. I’m also always trying new restaurants and am pretty fearless when it comes to trying exotic, out-there foods. I like to keep an open mind.

Q: Can you tell us about some of your past experience in food?

I was with Tree of Life for about nine years promoting specialty foods. It was a great experience and company to work for. I held a variety of roles that helped me develop as a brand manager and in my knowledge of the food industry.

Q: What will your main focuses be as our Brand Manager?

They will be trade marketing, planning promotional activity for the brands we carry – such as Runa, Barnana, Lotus Foods, Neal Brothers Foods, and Zak’s – and sourcing new products to make sure business is going in the right direction. I’ll be acting as a liaison so that our brand partners and Left Coast team have what they need to be mutually successful.

But what I’m especially excited about is brand procurement. Left Coast stays on the leading edge instead of carrying “me too” products. I get to show people new products that are natural and ethical that I think they will really enjoy. And they’re not just part of any trend – we’re connecting people with healthy trends. I don’t want to give people foods packed with bad fats and high fructose corn syrup that contribute to health issues. I’ve strived to work for companies whose products I’m actually passionate about and can stand behind.

Q: And what are you most excited about working with Left Coast Naturals?

As my husband lovingly teases, I’m a “born again environmentalist.” A few years back I started reading a blog about a woman’s experience adapting to living minimally in a small space. It made me think about what I throw away, where it ends up and the impact of my other everyday practices. And over time I’ve tried to live more sustainably. So when I learned about Left Coast’s sustainably values, the more I wanted to jump on board. Really, as a distributor it’s unique to be so dedicated to a Non-GMO Policy. I’m excited about representing a company with such high standards and values.

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