Meet Curtis, Our Vancouver Island Sales Rep

Posted on 04/24/2018 by Left Coast

Our Vancouver Island Sales Rep, Curtis Clarke, has lived in Victoria his entire life. He’s also a baseball aficionado and an avid Blue Jays fan. He has been married to his wife Jessica for 11 years, and have a 3 year old son together. They love spending time on the mountains, at the beach or tucked away at a cabin.

Keep reading to find out what Curtis’ top Island outdoors hot spots are:

1. Have you thought of living somewhere other than Vancouver Island?

Growing up I always wanted to leave the Island. After high school I moved to Edmonton for college and after 5 years there I vowed to never leave the Island again! I missed the ocean breeze, the mountains and the climate. Being a year-round outdoors enthusiast, the Alberta climate was tough to deal with! I’ve been back for 12 years now, and we make the most out of every weekend by exploring with our 3 year old.

2. How has being raised as a vegetarian influenced you?

I was raised vegetarian because my mom couldn’t afford meat. We grew our own vegetables, used whole ingredients, and didn’t waste anything. Today my family eats meat, but we grow as much of our own produce as possible and try to be a zero waste household. One of my guiding philosophies comes from the quote, “We need to stop asking why real food is so expensive and start asking why processed food is so cheap.”

3. How will your work experience impact your work at Left Coast?

Coming from a large multi-national company has really gave me a great understanding of the grocery industry, trends and innovation. I am most passionate about helping people live better lives, and that really starts with your diet and what you are fueling your body with! I whole-heartedly believe in all the products we carry and the impact they can have on peoples’ well being.

4. What are some cool outdoors trips you recommend?

My absolute favourite summer location is the Sooke Potholes on the Island! For day trips, East Sooke Regional Park is wonderful. I spent my summers at the Sooke Potholes since I was a youngster. The waterfalls, the crystal clear water and the amazing scenery is what makes the potholes a truly unique summer spot. I also love spending time in Tofino, and Port Renfrew disconnected from technology 🙂

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