Just How Much Water Goes Into the Food You Eat?

Posted on 03/06/2015 by Rachel

After a long day as you’re about gobble down your dinner, do you ever pause and wonder how it got there? Just what resources and energy went into producing those broccoli crowns, that chicken cutlet and rice?

An important part of understanding the environmental impact of how you live is actually looking at your food’s water footprint. According to Grist, the food you eat might be the most water-intensive part of your day:

Image credit Grist.


This hits close to home for us as a food company. When we assessed our entire supply chain, from farm to consumer, our minds were blown when we found out  that 80% of our environmental footprint came from how the food was grown and transported.

Image Left Coast Naturals.

growing and transport

Fresh water is an incredibly precious resource that we should all take care to conserve. (Global water crisis, anyone?) And the food choices we make definitely have an impact. See just how much of an impact in this video by Grist:


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