Hippie Foods is now Hippie Snacks!

Posted on 05/15/2017 by Johanna

Big things are happening around here!

Since Hippie Foods was born back in 2005 we knew we were on to something – great tasting snacks and cereals made in BC, Canada from organic real food ingredients. Always Non-GMO and minimally processed. And you seemed to love our tasty products too!

However over time we realized that our packaging wasn’t really getting across the most important thing we needed you to know about Hippie Foods – that REAL FOOD TASTES BETTER! So here’s what we did:

  • Changed our name from Hippie Foods to Hippie Snacks
  • Covered the package with beautiful images of delicious ingredients
  • Changed the product names:
    • Hippie Garden Chips are now Veggie Clusters
    • Hippie Granola is now Grain-Free and Ancient Grain Granola
    • Coconut Clusters and Coconut Chips stayed the same
  • All the flavour names are now based on what you can see and taste, ie Zesty Chili Coconut Clusters are now Chili Lime Coconut Clusters

So the bottom line? Same great taste – new look!

Check out our new website at hippiesnacks.com


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