Healthier than Kale? Tastes Like Bacon? We’re in!

Posted on 07/17/2015 by Johanna

As you’ve probably heard by now, Oregon State University have developed a strain of seaweed that when cooked tastes like bacon. And has twice the nutritional value of kale.  Now if it only had the good fats of avocado and the antioxidant properties of baobab, this seaweed known as Dulse would be the Holy Grail of superfoods. But I digress.

Here at Left Coast Naturals we are no strangers to non meat, nutrient dense products that taste like bacon. We recently launched our very own Coconut Bacon which is addictingly delicious – if I do say so myself. However, a sustainable, nutrient dense ingredient that tastes inherently like bacon on its own is very intriguing. Does it actually taste like pork or does it taste smoky? Salty? Umami?


I’m sorry to cut this post short but I have to head off to Corvallis, Oregon.


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