Halloween 2017: Spooky Office Spaces

Posted on 10/31/2017 by Left Coast

Halloween. We take it very seriously here at the Left Coast office. One year our CEO, Ian, dressed up as a dancing Disco Stu in white pants. Yep.

This year everyone got involved in an inter-departmental competition. The catch? Just like our core values here at LCN, we had to be sustainable (read: We couldn’t buy anything!).

Here’s a taste of our spooky office spaces. Which theme is your fave?

Haunted Crime Scene

Rats, check. Cobwebs (two types), check. Boarded up house, check. These are all the trappings of a haunted crime scene.

Day of the Dead

Don’t let the bright and colourful celebratory decor fool ya. If you saw the Sales team dancing in their full los dias des muertos costumes, you’d be in for a scare!

Scooby Doo’s Graveyard

Winner of the Wittiest get up, the Finance team put out a lot more creativity than we imagined—kidding! Check out the markings on their graves, “Died of Left Coast Natural Causes” and names like “Ill B Bach.” They’ll get you hootin’ and hollerin’ too.

Dexter’s Crime Scene & Kill Room

Familiar with the hit TV show Dexter, where the main character is a forensics scientist by day at the Miami Metro Police Dept, and a serial killer at night? Team Marketing came up with two scenes: a crime scene and Dexter’s meticulously saran-wrapped kill room. Of course, they win Most Creative 😉

A Monster Mash

Our Production and Warehouse teams banded together to create one of the funniest Halloween scream scenes. We love the Operations Manager’s black widow preying on the staff, and their Missing Persons tribute. So, um… is there anyone coming in to work tomorrow?

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