Posted on 04/01/2015 by Johanna

Could Bounty Balls be the new cricket flour?

We’re thrilled to announce a new product addition to our catalogue of sustainable, must-have brands. You may know them as prairie oysters or rocky mountain oysters, Bounty Balls are a sourced from grass fed and finished, USDA organic beef from the Double Nought Ranch in Durango Colorado. Cured and seasoned in four flavours – Hot & Spicy, Smoked, Salt & Pepper and Honey Nut – they’re pure paleo protein!

“Some say that they are a myth. Others a cruel joke. But there is nothing mysterious or funny about these balls. Bounty Balls Prairie Oysters are “vine ripened” on only the most virile free range bulls for full ¬†flavor and maximum nutritional potency.

¬†The Double Nought Ranch is Americas only USDA organic free-run bull ranch and snout-to-tail abattoir located in the crotch of Mnt. Purgatory 2 miles south of Durango Colorado.”


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