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Posted on 01/26/2017 by Left Coast

It’s no secret we’re excited about the food we make. If you ask us, we’ll gush about the fine-tuned process and picking just the right ingredients. That’s why we love connecting with people at local events, especially because we make our foods right here in BC.

It’s rewarding to introduce products that people really enjoy and respect their food values, allergies and dietary restrictions, whether it be organic, gluten free, local, vegan, non-GMO, peanut free, or low in sugar.

We appreciate the feedback we receive, good and the bad, so we can keep heading in the right direction. As obvious as it sounds, we make Hippie Foods for you after all!

Local events you’ll likely spot Hippie Foods at

Sample our products, ask questions, tell us what you think, and maybe take home a bag or two.

If you know of a great food, health, or community event we should be at, contact us at


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