Farts! So many farts! Our Beef Is Warming the Planet

Posted on 12/04/2015 by Johanna

I admit it. I really like a burger. With Bacon. However our collective need for beef has become an big problem for the health of the planet. A major aspect of the problem can be summed up in one word: farts. Cows are gassy, gassy beings pumping methane out at an alarming rate. More burgers = more cows. More cows = more farts. More farts = more methane. Methane = warming. (My nine year old son will be overjoyed to hear that mommy got to write about farts at work today. Score!)

Thanks to a new documentary called Racing Extinction, that aired on Discovery Channel on December 2nd in 220 countries around the world—a date chosen to coincide with the early days of the UN climate summit – we have a visual way of seeing how many farts we are actually talking about. To measure just how much methane gas a single cow emits every day, scientists at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology hooked up inflatable plastic bags to cows’ stomachs, fed them and watched the bags inflate.

Now, if I could only measure my son’s fart output….hmmmm…..

Above featured image photo credit: featured image via Mother Jones 

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