Education Meets Health and Sustainability: School District Goes 100% Organic

Posted on 08/21/2015 by Left Coast

It’s no secret that proper nutrition is crucial for kids’ development and overall well being. The Sausalito Marin City  School District in California just raised the bar, being the first in the states to provide 100% organic foods.

According to EcoWatch, over 500 children from Bayside MLK Jr. Academy and Willow Creek Academy will be served fresh, healthy lunches with 90% local produce. What’s especially impressive is their dedication to food education. Through hands-on food preparation, gardening and lessons on nutrition they engage students in where their food comes from and how it’s made.

The  program was created by a partnership between the district and the nonprofit Turning Green’s Conscious Kitchen initiative. Turning Green’s founder Judi Shils shared, “not only does this program far exceed USDA nutritional standards, but it ties the health of our children to the health of our planet. It’s the first program to say that fundamentally, you cannot have one without the other.”

They hope to benefit students in the long run.  Their 2013 pilot program already showed increased school attendance and fewer disciplinary cases.

Our community kudos goes out to the Sausalito Marin City  School District for putting students’ first! We’re fortunate to have similar local organizations like Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society who also integrate school, healthy food and community.

What’s going on in your community?

Watch more on the Conscious Kitchen initiative:


Featured image above photo credit: EcoWatch via Turning Green

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