How to Shrink Your Everyday Waste: Life Hacks, Videos and Tips

Posted on 01/22/2016 by Left Coast

We take absolutely 0% of the credit for this week’s post. We stumbled upon Takepart’s Shrink Your Waste microsite and just had to share it.

To help people curb waste in their everyday lives, Takepart created a series of articles and videos that show you easy ways to be a more conscious consumer and improve the world.”

Some topics include:

Similar to our #HOLDMETOIT effort to encourage people to live, work and play more sustainably, Shrink Your Waste shows how the small things add up. Even in our office we try to do our part by using renewable energy, giving bonuses to employees that take alternative transportation, buy organic groceries, and make eco-friendly upgrades to their homes, and more. What are some of the everyday things you do to reduce waste?

We hope you find Takepart’s tips helpful! See the full Shrink Your Waste site here.

Above featured image credit Takepart.

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