Celebrate B Corp Month with Us This February

Posted on 02/07/2018 by Left Coast

It’s February! And it’s the 2nd annual B Corp Month where triple-bottom line companies celebrate what makes B Corp businesses great.

When you see the Certified B Corporation seal, you know the company behind the product or service meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

B Corp: Be the Change

We believe in a better way of doing business, and here’s how we’re different:

  • In 2012, we became one of the first B Corps in Canada!
  • We donate a portion of our profits to charity
  • We purchase food from farmers making the transition into Organic, supporting farmers directly in their Organic journey
  • We provide a variety of health and environmental benefits to our staff—come work with us!
    • monthly on-site massages
    • weekly workout sessions by a personal trainer
    • incentives for biking, car pooling, or taking public transit to work
  • We’re the first distributor in North America to implement a Formal Non-GMO policy—all the foods we make or distribute are GMO-free!
  • We support at-risk youth and the environment through charity donations
  • We’re Climate Smart certified!
  • We volunteer as a team through social or environmental causes
  • We still make time to have fun and support one another

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