Imagine every time you opened your fridge it was magically restocked with all kinds of delicious foods that you didn’t have to pay a cent......
Category: Food Matters
Because Hippie Garden Chips are not your average snack we get asked a lot of questions about them. Here are your top 3 questions answered:......
Category: Food Matters
You asked, we listened. Our demo coordinator Hannah answers the top 3 questions she gets asked about our Hippie Snacks Coconut Chips and two new......
By: Trish Kelly, Left Coast Naturals Brand Manager  As the Brand Manager at Left Coast Naturals, I spend a good chunk of my day working......
Photo credit: The Downside of Food Bans, US News and World Report
The word of the late seems to be “ban.” Ban plastic bags. Ban Styrofoam. Ban trans fats. There are obvious good reasons for wanting to......
Category: Food Matters
Butter is BAD for you. Eat margarine. No, butter is GOOD for you. Margarine is the devil! Dietary claims sometimes seem more like fads than......

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