Business: Our Role in Fighting Climate Change

Posted on 06/05/2015 by Left Coast

Recently an article by Grist caught our eye. It asked the question: can cities, businesses, and other new climate actors bridge the emissions gap? In short – yes, they can make a difference!

More specifically:

Together, they would take a 2.5 gigatonne bite out of the 8–10 gigatonne gap that separates the annual CO2 reductions countries have pledged from the amount of reductions needed by 2020 to contain global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. This 2-degree target represents scientists’ best estimate of the warming the planet can sustain before triggering the most damaging — and costly — impacts of global warming.

Although the article says that there’s still a learning curve and  further definition needed  for these new partnerships to be impactful, it’s encouraging to see the potential positive change that can come from collaborations between committed, engaged stakeholders being intentional in their practices.

We’re not a large corporation by any means but we try to do our part in the ways that we can. We source sustainable energy from Bullfrog Power and have our carbon emissions measured by Climate Smart so that we can create practical strategies to reduce our footprint and continuously improve. In fact, we had our entire supply chain assessed to see where we could make the greatest change! Whether it be in your city, company, or community – how can you make a difference in your sphere of influence?



  1. inquiry blog

    hi who did your animated environmental footprint post on your blog it is Fantastic
    A+ well done! congrats!
    please do not post my email address

    1. Left Coast

      Hi! Lorne Craig from Unicycle Creative:

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