100 Year Evolution of the Family Dinner – WATCH

Posted on 11/13/2015 by Left Coast

It’s fascinating how foods –  affected by a host of influences including the economy,  globalization, crop availability, social movements, natural phenomena, technology and nutritional trends – shift with culture over time. In 1925 you might find Chicken a la King on your dinner plate. In 1985, perhaps Sloppy Joes with Mac and Cheese. Today it’s Grilled Salmon on a bed of Quinoa with Kale Salad.

According to Mode.com, here’s how the North American dinner has changed over the past 100 years:

We’re also pretty interested in what dinners of the near future will look like. With the pressures of climate change and populations growing, the need to grow, distribute and consume foods more equitably and sustainably is increasing. Your dinner might just include ugly vegetables, a helping of insects and a side of scrumptious food waste. What do you think a sustainable meal looks like?

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