Meet Nicole – Our New Left Coast Sales Representative

Posted on 03/18/2016 by Left Coast

As we’re about the people at Left Coast, we are ecstatic to introduce our newest team member, Nicole! You may meet her up close and personal as she’ll be popping in and out of stores all over the Lower Mainland and the Island. Until then, here’s some more about her and what she’ll be doing as a Sales Rep.

LCN: So Nicole. What’s something fun, odd or interesting people might not know about you?

Nicole: Perhaps that I’m pretty spontaneous and always up for an adventure.  

Back in 2011 I decided one day while I was working that I decided I wanted to move to Mexico. I had just got back from a month-long camping trip by the ocean in Sayulita, Mexico so it was really on my mind. In that moment I figured why not – I called my boss,  gave my notice, had a garage sale and sold what I owned, and booked a ticket. Like most things, when you follow your intuition it all works out. I met the most amazing people, had the best time and learned so much about myself.

LCN: That’s fantastic! And what is some of your experience in sales and with natural food and health?

Nicole: This is actually a new industry for me.  I’ve been in the hospitality industry over a decade but I’ve always known that my passion lies in health and wellness. So a few years ago I decided to go back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist.  That experience completely changed my life emotionally, spiritually and physically. It taught me to take responsibility for my own health and life. It inspired me to change directions in my career and ultimately that’s how I ended up at Left Coast Naturals.

LCN: What are you most excited about in your new role at Left Coast?

Nicole: Honestly, I’m just so excited to work in an industry that I’m  passionate about. From the first interview I knew that Left Coast Naturals and I would be a great fit. We aligned on so many different levels.

My territory is large and I cover a lot of ground (lots of audio books, podcasts and whatever I can sing to on the road). I’m building relationships with everyone from a small independent store on the Island to the new Whole Foods Market in Burnaby.  Being a part of the evolution of change – of  how people are choosing their food, paying more attention to their lifestyle and health, and caring more about the earth — is big on the importance scale for me.

LCN: And why do you enjoy sales? What motivates you?

Nicole: Sales gives me an avenue of expression and excitement. I really enjoy the different facets of people’s personalities and how you always have to be on your toes, communicating in a way that understands those differences. Like a chameleon of sorts (an authentic one of course!) I am also stoked when you feel like you’re helping people get what they need in order to grow their business. I feel when you’re coming from a place of caring about your customers and their needs it’s a “Win Win.”

You haven’t heard the last from her. Nicole will be writing for our blog on health and nutrition so stay tuned!

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  1. Heidi

    Nicole – is there anywhere in Victoria that I can purchase dehydrated organic mangos? They used to stock them at Thrify’s but have been sold out for weeks and can’t seem to restock them. Do you know why? Help! I’m addicted to them and may need therapy if I can’t get them …kidding… sort of 😉

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