Meet Kirstin – Our New Sales Rep

Posted on 08/25/2016 by Left Coast

As Left Coast Naturals is all about “Good People Providing Good Food” meet Kirstin, the newest addition to our Sales Team. She’ll be working with our Alberta and Prairie retail partners. We’re thrilled for the positivity and extensive experience she brings. Here’s more about Kirstin and what she’ll be doing at Left Coast Naturals:

Left Coast: When you’re not on the road visiting stores, what gets you up in the morning? What do you enjoy doing?

Kirstin: I’m kind of a yoga addict. I practice almost every morning to set the intention for the day. I’m also always looking to have adventures. I’ve been skydiving eight times, travelled across most of Europe, and backpacked in Thailand for three months. These experiences broaden your perspective of the world and the diversity of interactions you get to have.

Left Coast: And what’s your previous experience as a sales representative?

Kirstin: I’ve had a wide variety of sales roles. One of them was with L’Oreal Doctors that focused on promoting skin health, helping people with skin conditions from burn victims to people diagnosed with skin cancer. I’m drawn to roles where you also have the chance to help people. I’m excited to work with Left Coast Naturals because it’s a company you can stand behind and maintain your integrity. Especially when it comes to sustainability and the way people are treated, you know the company is doing what it says it will do on a day-to-day basis.

Left Coast: And what are you the most excited about in your new role?

Kirstin: I’m absolutely passionate about helping take businesses to the next level. That means matching retailers with the Left Coast brands that are aligned with their growth strategies and values. Really, Left Coast Naturals’ foods are such high quality that all stores should offer them to their customers.  Their twenty years of dedication and integrity in the industry shows. What sets them apart is their commitment to people, the planet, and prosperity.

And I’m looking forward to continuing Left Coast Naturals’ relationships with stores like Sunterra Market, Community Naturals Foods, Planet Organic and Calgary Co-op. Building strong, long-term relationships is my number one goal.


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